All  Great Stories Start With A Dream

Except for Herp Life.

Nope, Herp Life was not cooed and coddled into being from some sweet dream on some angelic starry night.

Hell no. 

Herp Life was born kicking and screaming from a relentless pursuit for innovation and a searing passion for the reptile industry.

Let's take it back to mid July 2013 in Miami, Florida - it was hot as hell. Jonathan Foltz was sitting down, staring blankly into nothingness, pondering life as he so frequently does. He was contemplating the “Greats”, the successful companies of the world which he admired such as Apple and Nike. He also thought deeply about how to elevate Breeder’s Circle, his ball python breeding business at the time, and how to innovate the reptile industry as a whole. What was it about these “Greats” that made them so? Moreover, how could he implement it to reptiles?

A light flickered on as his once whirling thoughts began to settle. “Fulfillment and success is directly proportionate to how many people you have served.”, Jonathan’s greatest mentor had spoken these words many times before.

The “Greats” have served millions of people around the world, and their successes have been a testament to that. In order to become great, Jonathan realized he had to serve far more people. To accomplish this, he stepped outside the confines of the ball python world and set his sails towards a much broader horizon. Just as the Nike brand was for sports, and Salt Life for the sea, he was going to create a brand for the people that would encompass not only ball pythons, but the way of life for the entire reptile industry. Creating this lifestyle brand would not only allow people to proudly display their passion for these animals, but it would allow them to share that love with others, raise awareness and support, and grow the industry exponentially.

And voila. Herp Life was hatched from fires of this brainstorm.

Fast forward a month to the Daytona Reptile Expo in Daytona Beach, Florida. The world meets Herp Life for the very first time. Within 24 hours of set up, all of the most popular t-shirt sizes sold out. The introduction was an overwhelming success and the surprising popularity hinted towards a very promising future for the brand. Even still, Herp Life slipped into the shadows where was it was neither seen nor heard of again..

Until May 29th, 2016 - the day of reckoning.

Herp Life has been resurrected and it's back bigger, bolder, and hungrier than ever before! Whether you are a python breeder, field herper, basement hobbyist, frog enthusiast, or simply love reptiles, if you live and breathe the Herp Life, allow us to FEED YOUR PASSION.